Villa in Szentendre


1031 Budapest, Nánási út 1/B. B. ép. Földszint

+ 36 70 400 8486

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The villa is an organically designed mass on a hillside that has a south-easterly aspect. The building, which is formed of tiers, welds into the natural surroundings via terraces. On the ground floor level it is connected to the garden through giant glass windows that unify the indoor and outdoor spaces. The bedrooms upstairs are connected with the garden via the planted roof terrace.

Every single detail of the indoor spaces displays quality, precision and a relaxed atmosphere. Spaces have a clear functional design and are finely wrought but are given gentleness by the presence of natural materials. The warm and comfortable home is the metamorphosis of the carefully chosen materials built into the ideally sized villa.

The real magic of this house in Szentendre is ensured by the lights and shadows changing according to the movement of the sun and the ever-changing presence of nature.

The general desgins of the buildings are made by our company

1031 Budapest, Nánási út 1/B. B. ép. földszint |